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Armored Cables

Armored cables are robust electrical cables built with an additional layer or armor that protects the core. The outer layer is usually made of steel wires or metallic tape and adequately shields the cable from mechanical stress, corrosion and other external forces that may cause damage. Due to their construction, armored cable wires can be laid in any method, including direct burial in rocky areas.

What Are the Uses for Armored Cables?

The sturdy construction and protective layers of armored cables make them critical components for the seamless flow of power. With increased mechanical protection and environmental resistance, these cables can withstand the demands of even the most high-traffic areas, making them ideal for various uses, including:

  • Underground wiring: Since armored cables are suitable for direct burial, they are often used in underground installations outdoors or in tunnels. These durable cables also safeguard the structure against harsh soil conditions, moisture, chemicals and other forms of damage.
  • Industrial and construction sites: Armored cable wires help ensure uninterrupted power supply in industrial and construction settings that often involve the use of heavy machinery, high temperatures and corrosive substances. The additional protective layer of these cables ensures the integrity of the core is not compromised in rigorous environments.
  • Power systems: When it comes to power distribution systems, armored cables play an essential role in transporting power over long distances. They are used in substations, transformer stations and electrical panels. These cables help with the safe and reliable transmission of a large volume of power to residential, commercial and industrial areas.
  • Hazardous environments: Armored cables feature a robust design that makes them well-suited for potentially hazardous environments, such as oil refineries or chemical plants. These electrical cables can endure the unique challenges in these areas, from extreme temperatures to chemical exposure.
  • Information transmission systems: Due to the layer of armor, these cables maintain an uninterrupted power supply and reliable information transmission by preventing the components from emitting or being affected by interference.
  • Outdoor installation: Armored cable wires are designed to withstand exposure to mechanical stresses, harsh weather conditions and UV radiation, making them an excellent choice for any outdoor installation that requires a power supply.

Armored Cable Industries

Most industries demand cables that help maintain a reliable power supply with unmatched environmental protection and durability, regardless of the application. As a result, armored cables have become invaluable for a vast range of applications across different industries, including:

  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Commercial
  • Marine
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Medical

Choose Motion Control Technologies for Your Mechanical Cable Needs

At Motion Control Technologies, we have been engineering and manufacturing high-quality mechanical components for decades. Our armored cable wires are constructed with robust materials to ensure ultimate mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and prolonged protection from external elements.

In addition to our ready-to-order products, we offer various customization options to provide cables that suit your exact specifications and application demands. Buy armored cables online or contact us to speak with one of our experts today!

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