Push Pull Control / Conduit Assemblies

Push Pull Assemblies are frequently used components in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment. These devices adjust and maneuver mechanisms such as machinery and activate specific functions. Without proper Push Pull Assemblies, specific powered functions wouldn't work properly and would experience shorter lifespans.

Motion Control Technologies specializes in creating custom mechanical cable, lanyards, assemblies and more. With the help of our service, your business can maximize the use of Push Pull technology.

Where Are Push Pull Assemblies Used?

Some call Push Pull Assemblies "Control Cable Assemblies." Both terms refer to the same technology as they enable machines to distribute the transmission of force across a system. Heavily used in outdoor tools, Push Pull Assemblies work to control the following actions:

  • Acceleration
  • Actuation
  • Braking
  • Choking
  • Rotation
  • Regulating
  • Steering

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Push Pull Functionality

Motion Control Technologies produces both standard Push Pull Controls and custom Push Pull Controls Cable as well as custom Conduit Assemblies. Our cable controls are lightweight, flexible and economical. Push Pull Controls use a solid wire core inside a conduit to move the push or pull forces through planes and bends efficiently. We can provide our clients with both standard and custom Push Pull Controls to operate, position, open, and close components from a remote location.

Push Pull Conduit Guide

When engineering the right push pull control or conduit assembly, the picture below can help in choosing some standard fittings for the push pull control / conduit assembly. For most push pull controls, a MCT Solid Wire Core is ideal in providing control of the strength and rigidity of your push and pull application. Or, a 1×7, 1×19 strand cable can offer the rigidity with additional flexibility without compromising strength.

Motion Control Technologies’ Conduit Fittings or bulkhead fittings can be used to secure the conduit portion of your assembly. Additionally, if you require threaded adjusters for snap groove fittings, we can offer a style custom for your application.

Notes About Assembly Design

  • Push Pull Assembly: When powering a device, force is required in two directions of the assembly travel. Both the forces of pushing and pulling on a mechanical cable contribute to powering the machine.
  • Pull Assemblies: Force to power a device is only required in the pulling of a mechanical cable.

Consider the Following

When you request the services of Motion Control Technologies, here are some factors we consider in the engineering of your Push Pull Assembly:

  • Workload factor: What is the force that needs to get transmitted to power the device?
  • Routing of the assembly: How is the assembly going to get anchored, so the Push Pull Assembly operates smoothly?
  • Length and diameter: How much travel is required to power the device? The length and diameter of the inner wire and conduit matter when activating machinery.

In a Push Pull Assembly, workload is crucial. Inner wires have the potential to buckle where they extend from the conduit. Fortunately, Motion Control Technologies knows how to get the diameter of a mechanical cable to increase the workload in pushing directions. Pull Assemblies are slightly more flexible and become effective in the routing process.

Push Pull Cable Assemblies at Motion Control Technologies

If your business needs custom push pull wire rope, Motion Control Technologies supplies the assembly to fit your needs. With our focus on customer service, we specialize in mechanical cable solutions that make your daily practices easier on your team.

For more information about Motion Control Technologies, contact us today to speak to one of our professionals.

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