Push Pull Control / Conduit Assemblies

Motion Control Technologies produces both standard Push Pull Controls and custom Push Pull Controls Cable as well as custom Conduit Assemblies. Our cable controls are lightweight, flexible and economical. Push Pull Controls use a solid wire core inside a conduit to move the push or pull forces through planes and bends efficiently. We can provide our clients with both standard and custom Push Pull Controls to operate, position, open, and close components from a remote location.

When engineering the right push pull control or conduit assembly, the picture below can help in choosing some standard fittings for the push pull control / conduit assembly. For most push pull controls, a MCT Solid Wire Core is ideal in providing control of the strength and rigidity of your push and pull application. Or, a 1×7, 1×19 strand cable can offer the rigidity with additional flexibility without compromising strength.

Motion Control Technologies’ Conduit Fittings or bulkhead fittings can be used to secure the conduit portion of your assembly. Additionally, if you require threaded adjusters for snap groove fittings, we can offer a style custom for your application.

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