Custom Cables for Medical Devices

Hospitals and medical professionals require reliable, high-quality medical devices to do their jobs and ensure patient outcomes are successful. These devices require customized cabling for optimal operation and to meet the stringent ISO requirements of the medical industry.

At Motion Control Technologies, we customize mechanical cable solutions that meet the unique requirements of medical devices.

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Mechanical Cable Solutions for the Medical Industry

We manufacture our custom medical cable solutions to meet the specifications our medical industry customers require. For example, we must meet specific sterilization or biocompatibility needs for custom cabling. Cables must also be lightweight, durable and free from knotting. We must also consider Radio frequency interference(RFI) and how vulnerable the product is to it. Medical cables often need to have little to no RFI.

Types of Medical Cable Assemblies

An assembly of medical cables provides multiple functions within a machine. A well-designed medical cable assembly will encase all wires within one cable and be accessible for technicians to navigate when conducting repairs and maintenance. These cable assemblies have many uses. The three main types include:

  • Equipment interfaces: These cables connect large systems, like X-rays or MRIs.
  • Patient interfaces: Cables for patient interfaces are useful for connecting heart monitors, ECG machines, and more. These assemblies are ideal for infection control and facilitating safety and hygiene.
  • Communications interfaces: These relay valuable medical data to and from the machine. Cables such as local area networks, fiber optics or serial cables are standard for these interfaces.

Applications for Customized Medical Cables

Medical cables have a vast array of applications across the field. Often, medical machines must perform tasks concurrently. For example, patient readouts need to show details of oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate. You will need application-specific cabling to perform these tasks.

As a custom medical cable manufacturer, we can provide cables for applications such as:

  • Diagnostic equipment: This includes larger machines medical professionals use to scan the body, like a CT scanner.
  • Electrosurgical instruments: Doctors use these instruments for surgical purposes like conducting endoscopies or powering medical lasers.
  • Motorized hospital beds: These beds are useful for providing comfort to patients who may otherwise be immobilized.
  • Oximetry machines: Oximetry equipment is vital in measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

These are just a few of the applications for custom medical cables. Medical professionals use many more machines daily that require specific cabling.

Choose Motion Control Technologies for Your Custom Medical Cable Needs

We will work with you to provide the best custom medical cables. For over thirty years, we have produced mechanical cable solutions for a range of purposes, and our experience has allowed us to build unparalleled expertise in cabling solutions. We take each project from design to delivery, providing excellent customer service and a level of care that we, as a family-owned and operated business, are proud to give to our customers.

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