Cable Coiling Services

Motion Control Technologies aims to go above and beyond for our customers. We understand the importance of functionality on the job, so we are always developing new ways to make tasks as easy as possible. After all, organization is a major advantage of modern tools and cabling.

Motion Control Technologies can offer our cable coiling features for easy extension and more space.

What is Cable Coiling?

Cable coiling is the process of giving mechanical cables a spring-like shape for simple functionality. Coiled cables stretch beyond at-rest states while still retracting if needed.

Cable coiling keeps the inside components of a cable safe with several practical benefits.

What are the Benefits of Cable Coil Assembly?

Cable coiling showcases the ability to add some flexibility to even the most rugged tools. Depending on shielding and jacket materials, Motion Control Technologies can coil products to enhance their lifespan and overall durability.

Coiled products benefit the following industries by taking up less space:

Cable coiling with Motion Control Technologies keeps the storage and cleanup process simple.

Strands and Coiling

Based on customer preference, the number of strands engineered into a cable correlates to how strong it is. The thicker the cable and coil, the stronger and more durable the product will be during application. After cutting back on coil fatigue by incorporating more strands, products can hold heavier loads and more tension.

Similar to other mechanical cable coatings, the diameter of coil strands alters the physical characteristics of products. Engineering coiled cables with larger diameters strengthens the cable and makes it less prone to abrasion, damage and crushing. Keep in mind the thicker Motion Control Technologies makes your coil, the less flexible the design will become.

Cable Coiling Versatility

By teaming with Motion Control Technologies, cable coiling gives you necessary options to suit your industry. Coiled cables are popular within security practices and shipping processes, so we offer the capability to place fittings on each piece.

Coiling enables our customers to lock up products, link pieces together and withstand a great amount of force for indoor and outdoor use.

Motion Control Technologies Cable Coiling Solutions

Motion Control Technologies specializes in mechanical cable solutions. We offer cable assembly capabilities that are a custom fit for your business and team. With a customer service focus, we supply our customers with assemblies that fit their needs and exact specifications.

If you are interested in learning more about our cable coiling process and how it can benefit your business practices, contact Motion Control Technologies to speak to one of our professionals. Motion Control Technologies is your one-stop shop for custom made products and mechanical cable assemblies.

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