Motion Control Products

Motion Control Products

Whether you specialize in factory automation or machine design, you can maintain safety and quality with motion control products. Our guide will outline each product to help you find the right tools for your function and load capacities.

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Want to learn more about the products Motion Control Technologies offers? These products have many high-performance applications spanning several industries, and we offer many custom solutions to help tools further match your needs.

Armored Motion Control Cables

Armored motion control cables are cables fitted with additional protective layers to reduce the impact of cuts and damages. They often have a steel coating, increasing strength for a safer, more reliable and high-functioning tool. You can use these in harsher environments and industrial settings, as well as in everyday applications like bicycles. If you need more protection, you can include a second layer of armor.

Barrel and Formed Fittings

Formed fittings can help protect your cables while running them through spaces. The shapes help guide cables around turns and in tight areas. Motion Control Technologies' product selection includes barrel and formed fittings. Barrels are cylindrical fittings ideal for high-performance machines like cars, lawnmowers and snowblowers. Our formed fittings come in Z and L shapes for functional routing you can use with push-pull control systems and cable lanyards.

Clevis Shackles

Clevis shackles are U-shaped couples closed with a bolt or pin. People feed ropes or wire through them for rigging, towing and lifting. For example, marine sector businesses might use clevis shackles to raise anchors on ships. They come in several configurations with different bolts and materials to offer varied functionality and strength.

Commercial Cables

Commercial cables are those used in commercial buildings and spaces, including businesses, offices, warehouses and shops. Manufacturers design them to be highly accessible for continual, long-term use. Commercial cables have various uses because of their more generalized functionality — each industry and building will have unique requirements.

Conduit Accessories

Conduit accessories can help increase and define conduit functionality. We offer three types:

  1. Solid wire cores: This option offers increased stability in push-pull operations. They are beneficial when you need more strength and rigidity. Solid wire cores are heavier and thicker to resist bending and withstand harsher environments.
  2. End caps:End caps attach to the unused open end of your conduits.
  3. Wire core terminals:Core terminals help maintain proper forms, making them ideal for machinery industries like automotive, marine and agricultural.

Each accessory helps you manage push-pull functions with your cables.


Conduits are devices that protect the ends of wires and cables. They are rigid and often have a plastic cover. You can apply them to several applications and industries to meet your needs.

Crimping and Cutting Tools

You create systems that better meet your needs with the right equipment. When you need to adjust and manage your wires and cables, you require crimping and cutting tools. Crimping tools, like crimp sleeves and stop plugs, help join wires to each other or terminals. Cable cutters allow you to sever cables and wires when you need shorter options or to disconnect objects.

Flexible Shafts

Flexible shafts transmit rotary motions by applying torque for products that can fit in tighter, harder-to-reach places. You can use them to move quickly around obstacles, like turns or objects. Plumber's snakes are standard applications, helping remove drain clogs.

Galvanized Wire Rope Cable Lanyards

When you need additional strength and security, galvanized steel can protect your cable lanyards. Galvanized metal solutions increase product corrosion resistance, allowing companies to use them in harsher conditions without compromising reliability. These lanyards also decrease friction.

Military Spec Terminals

Military applications have to adhere to specific standards. Our military spec terminals meet your industry fittings, and all use stainless steel for additional strength and protection.

Plug Terminals

Plug terminals are cable entries for your cables and wires. They come in various configurations, including radius, hex and round, to meet your needs.


Pulleys are essential for many projects, helping you manage rigging, towing and other functions. Pulleys work across several industries for safe and secure daily operations. Motion Control Technologies has several types of pulleys available. Our bronze bearing pulleys come with a self-lubricating surface and can operate under harsh conditions while promising increased precision, accuracy and quality.

SA Miniature Cables

These smaller cables help increase the number of cables in the same space. Their size makes them ideal for tighter spaces, so you can run wiring where you need it.

Snaps and Swivels

Snaps and swivels attach your cables to other items to keep them secure while allowing rotation. You can use them in several applications, from security and lifting to fishing. Snaps and swivels come in many models, allowing product versatility, increased functionality and varied load capacities. Some versions might require a loop to attach to cables.

Swaged Fittings

Swaged Fittings

Swaging attaches a fitted cable permanently to a railing wire by compressing the wire to the cable. This option offers increased strength and stability for cables. Motion Control Technologies designs several configurations for more functionality. Our eye swages allow cables to rotate, while ball and shank are compatible with medical devices.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Lanyards

Stainless steel can boost protection and functionality with your cable movement needs. The material helps them withstand moist climates, where they can effectively resist rust and other corrosion. You can customize your stainless steel cable lanyard solution with various lengths and qualities for different properties.

Threaded Terminals and Turnbuckles

Threaded terminals and turnbuckles help you control cable tension. These tools can increase slack or tension, helping you manage cable movement and motion better.

Wire Lock and Quick Link Pins

Wire locks and quick link pins easily keep cables in place for increased security and control. They are easy to install and apply, making them valuable tools in several industries. When you use these options, you eliminate the need for cotter pins in your systems.

Wire Rope Clips

When you need to complete on-site installations and assemblies, wire rope clips help you form cable loops without needing extra tools and hardware. You can also use them to connect two cables securely. Our options include zinc plating and galvanized steel for optimized strength and reliability.

Wire Rope Cable Lanyards

Cable lanyards are essential for linking objects together reliably and flexibly. You can also use them to apply tension or compress items. They are highly customizable, with factors like fittings, materials and coatings affecting their properties. With increased functionality and flexibility, you can work better with moving or static loads and find the right option for your carrying capacity.

316 Type SS Marine Grade Fittings

Our product line of marine grade fittings helps meet your maritime needs and applications. They are rust resistant for increased functionality in moist environments, and the stainless steel adds to their strength. Apply them to your assemblies, push-pull operations or cable lanyards.

Invest in Solutions From Motion Control Technologies

Invest in Solutions From Motion Control Technologies

When you need reliability and customization in your mechanical cable solutions, Motion Control Technologies can provide you with quality products and care. Our products apply to several industries and uses for increased functionality. If you have specific needs, we can work with you to customize your products to achieve the necessary properties.

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