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Companies and individuals across a range of industries need high-quality, reliable mechanical cable solutions to get work done on a day-to-day basis. This includes companies working on electronics, outdoor power equipment, boats, medical products, automobiles, appliances, sporting goods, furniture, heavy trucks and more. That's exactly what we offer here at Motion Control Technologies. Quality assurance, unparalleled expertise and exceptional customer service for over three decades in numerous industries have made our company a premier engineering and manufacturer of motion control cable products and assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturers and distributors. As a family-owned and operated business, we can go the extra mile to exceed our clients' expectations by providing them the lowest possible price for the best available control cable products. If you're searching for the best cable technology from the leader among control cable assembly manufacturers, read on to learn more about our custom assemblies and services.

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The Latest in Control Cable Assembly Engineering

When you choose Motion Control Technologies, you have the power to truly customize your mechanical cable assemblies, cable lanyards, cable tethers and more. We can produce solutions for a number of different industries, including medical cables, marine and military-grade products. No matter what type of assembly you need to create, we have the high-quality components you need in our diverse collection, including:
  • Commercial Cables Lanyards: We offer both stainless and galvanized steel cables that represent cost-effective solutions. Our stainless steel cables offer the utmost in corrosion resistance, making them ideal for medical devices and marine applications. Our galvanized cable tethers offer a degree of corrosion resistance, and they also aid in reducing friction in many applications. We configure our commercial lanyards to your project's unique tension, compression and load requirements.
  • Galvanized Wire Rope Cable Lanyards: You'll find a range of galvanized wire rope cable lanyards for custom assemblies in our selection, including loop/loop galvanized lanyards, loop/eye galvanized lanyards, loop/loop tab galvanized lanyards and eye/eye galvanized lanyards. This wide selection of lanyards is what allows us to provide truly custom assemblies. Additionally, galvanization helps your control cable assemblies weather the elements while delivering high degrees of support and security.
  • Swaged Fittings: Proper swaging enables your assemblies to support loads more completely. Discover all types of swaged fittings needed for your custom assemblies, including 13 series eye fittings, 16 series ball fittings, 18 series ball and shank fittings, 30 series oval loop fittings and 31 series thin pattern thimbles.
  • Conduits: We also offer a spectrum of conduit options to help create custom assemblies. Enjoy the flexibility, prolonged lifespan and extra protection conduit bring to assembly design. In our selection, you'll find 70 series braided reinforced conduit, 72 series bare Bowden conduit, 73 series Bowden conduit, 74 series bare Bowden with liner, 75 series Bowden with liner and 76 series bicycle conduit.
  • Stainless Wire Rope Cable Lanyards: We offer stainless wire rope cable lanyards to match our galvanized options, including loop/loop, loop/eye, loop/loop/tab and eye/eye options.These control cable assembly components are ideal for use in industries with high-moisture environments, such as aviation and marine applications.
  • Miscellaneous Fittings: We strive to ensure our clients can find everything they need to customize their assemblies, which is why we offer a huge selection of miscellaneous fittings. Find zinc-plated and stainless steel lanyard mounting tabs for swivel-type assemblies and more.
Don't see what you're looking for listed above? Get in touch with us to learn more about our entire selection and what we can do when you need custom cable assemblies. As the go-to mechanical cable assembly vendor for companies and individuals, we have the components needed to meet your requirements.

At Motion Control Technologies, we're committed to delivering you solutions that meet or exceed quality and performance standards. Our facilities offer:

  • Mechanical cable assemblies: Your project calls for more than just individual components. Design an entire assembly to improve efficiency and installation ease, and we'll fabricate it for you.
  • Custom fittings and prototypes: Our custom-machining capabilities allow us to design and manufacture unique crimps, connections and more. Work with our in-house team every step of the way, from concept to finished goods.
  • : Cable coiling services: Straightforward organization brings efficiency to any project. Protect inner components and maintain flexibility with our cable coiling capability, allowing for retractability and simple storage.
  • Cable cutting: Motion Control Technologies ensures your cables meet precise measurements for the best performance. Choose from mechanical or electrical cutting for a custom fit.

As a market-leading cable creator, Motion Control Technologies provides mechanical and safety cable solutions across a spectrum of industries, including:Aviation: Flexible and robust aviation cables are vital to the proper function of aircraft. Trust our expertise to help you design the ideal assembly for your individual needs.

  • Automotive: Our complete automotive mechanical cable assemblies deliver flexibility and high load capacity. Motion Control Technologies has the right cable for the job, from those controlling steering to those operating fuel doors and climate-comfort systems.
  • Marine: We offer a wide selection of complete marine-grade cable assemblies designed to withstand the demanding elements of your environment. Our experienced technicians also work with you to custom-develop unique assemblies to meet your needs.
  • Furniture manufacturing: Furniture motion control cables satisfy customer expectations for easily adjustable seating and accessories. Improve home and office experiences with in-stock or custom solutions from Motion Control Technologies.
  • Recreation: Today's hobbies have become more demanding and extreme than ever, and we have the specialized sporting and recreation cable assemblies you need to meet those challenges. Partner with an expert in control cable and assemblies for solutions to bicycle gear shifts, bow press cables, downriggers and more.
  • Construction: Whether you're looking for bay window supports or outdoor lighting cables and lanyards, Motion Control Technologies can help. We analyze your specific job requirements for tension, compression and load shift to design your project's ideal control cable and assembly.

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What makes Motion Control Technologies your best option among lanyard cable assembly manufacturers? Since 1998, we've been serving companies with custom, high-quality solutions that ensure safety, durability and efficiency. Beyond our selection of high-quality wire and cable products, we also emphasize providing personalized, rapid and professional service to each customer. When you need specific cable lanyards, cable tethers or other cable assembly components from a vendor you can trust over the long term, find exactly what you're looking for at Motion Control Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about our services as your custom mechanical cable assembly manufacturer.
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