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Sales and Customer Service

Our Motion Control Technologies Sales Team is dedicated to providing our clients with the lowest possible price for the best available motion control products. After all, our clients guide our growth as we are committed to constantly improving to meet their needs.

Our Sales Representatives are dedicated to guiding our clients through the entire assembly selection process. As a family-owned and operated business, we are willing and able to go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations. If our clients are happy, we are happy.

We enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Motion Control Technologies has been serving the following industries to better everyday practices:

Our clients keep us motivated to create the most efficient mechanical cable solutions. It's important that we provide excellent customer service to ensure our loyal customers can complete their tasks.

Custom Cable Assembly Engineering

Our Engineers have over 30 years experience working in the cable assembly and push pull control industries. Working in a variety of large cable companies, they are experienced in a variety of methods to guarantee the highest quality products for your assembly needs. From start to finish, Motion Control Technologies Engineers will assist our clients in the engineering processes.

We construct our wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies for optimum strand strength. We factor in cable length, diameter, material strength and how our product will get used during the entire engineering process. We understand it is extremely difficult to find an off-the-shelf solution for mechanical cable needs, so Motion Control Technologies does the work for you.

How Do We Maintain Quality Products?

Motion Control Technologies’ quality assurance plan is geared to the ISO quality standard. It is actuated before any job ever reaches the production floor. All products are inspected for defects prior to a full production run. Our quality assurance personnel work together with our manufacturing department to catch any potential problems with products during the engineering phase. Digital tensile testers, along with digital (length) measuring equipment provide our team with the tools to supply our clients with superior products.

Motion Control Technologies seeks perfection in all aspects of our business. Each part of the planning, selection and production process is under close watch by members of our experienced team.

Heavy-duty mechanical cable assemblies are used in several applications across industries and equipment. Our processes assist industrial professionals in pulling weight day-to-day. Motion Control Technologies dedicates time to manufacturing mechanical cable that you can put to the test. Our services also optimize our cables for attachments, latches, hooks and more to get any job done with safety in mind.

Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Our 2-ton to 80-ton pneumatic and mechanical presses offer a wide range of swaging capabilities. Motion Control Technologies standard and SA miniature cables can mechanically or electrically cut to a finished length. This will reduce the fraying and loose strands of the cable. We also maintain a number of automatic cutting and stripping machines to offer our clients a more efficient method of assembly.

The majority of Motion Control Technologies’ production equipment was designed and built in-house by trained toolmakers. With the ability to build complete production machinery from scratch, we are confident that our cable assemblies and push pull control products will exceed our clients’ expectations.

By working closely with our customers, we create customized solutions for the following components:

  • Commercial cable assemblies: We offer stainless and galvanized steel solutions for industrial processes. A popular and cost-effective solution, Motion Control Technologies products last the test of time against corrosion and weathering.
  • Wire rope cable lanyards: We create stainless and galvanized wire rope mechanical lanyard assemblies. As a leading assembly manufacturer, we offer four different wire rope cable lanyard styles to fit all your needs.
  • Various fittings: We offer swaged and miscellaneous fittings to meet any customer need.
  • Conduits: We protect our mechanical cable and accessories through a variety of reinforcements.


Motion Control Technologies’ expert toolmakers fabricate all of our tooling in-house. The ability to design and produce our own tooling provides our clients with service on a shorter turnaround. This guarantees that any tooling problems that can occur during production will be repaired immediately, thus completing our product or the client on time.

Mechanical cable undergoes a great deal of stress when in use. Fabricating our own tooling in-house prevents breakage and helps us enhance safety for our customers. Defects in tooling are unacceptable, so our team works hard to inspect pieces before a customer purchase.

Make Motion Control Technologies Your Manufacturer

If your business needs a mechanical cabling manufacturer, look no further. By contacting Motion Control Technologies, we can assist you in engineering products to meet your exact specifications. Be sure to view our product catalog and give us a call today.

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