25 Series Round Plug Terminals

Product Image and Schematic

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MCT 25 Series Round Plug Fittings can be used for most cable assemblies, cable lanyards and control products that require a large bearing point surface. These fittings are ideal for slots, pockets and are a more cost effective option than ball fittings. MCT Round Plug Terminals are available with bare or coated cable from .012″-.250″ diameter. Please specify Holding Strength and the Type of Application (cable assembly).

These will determine:

  • Cable diameter
  • Cable Construction
  • Cable feature (bare or coated)
  • L – dimension (after swaging onto the cable)
  • H – hexagon dimension
  • Material and finish (stainless steel or brass)
25-138-001S 1/32 5/32 .138
25-156-001S 1/32 5/32 .156
25-138-002S 3/64 1/4 .138
25-190-001S 3/64 1/4 .190
25-156-002S 1/16 5/16 .156
25-190-002S 1/16 5/16 .190


.040″ max. to .047″ cable dia. .062″ max. from .062″-.078″ cable dia. .125″ max. from .093″-.250″ cable dia. Cable can be ground flush. For additional sizes and material options contact MCT Customer Service.

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