Furniture Motion Control Cables

Customers increasingly expect their furniture to be ergonomic, flexible and comfortable. From the office to the home, furniture today often incorporates movable and adjustable elements such as footrests and armrests. Manufacturers require furniture motion control cables and cable assemblies to produce smooth and safe movable furniture. These allow the user to control their furniture's motion easily.

At Motion Control Technologies, we manufacture dependable and affordable mechanical cable solutions for use in a wide range of industries, including the residential and office furniture industry.

Applications for Furniture Motion Control Cables

Mechanical cable solutions such as those manufactured by Motion Control Technologies find use in many different kinds of furniture, including chairs, tables, desks, couches and more. Any manufacturer that creates furniture pieces with moving parts may need furniture cables for products.

We offer furniture industry cables and assemblies engineered to be flexible, quiet, durable and affordable. Our mechanical cables have a long life expectancy and high strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for furniture pieces that must withstand regular use.

Although applications for furniture motion control cables vary, they commonly help with functions such as reclining and height adjustment. Examples of furniture components and features that rely on furniture cables include:

  • Recliner release systems
  • Adjustable chair armrests
  • Table height adjusters
  • Chair tilt adjusters
  • Adjustable height standing desks
  • Recliner or couch footrests
  • Gas spring release systems
  • Remote latch and lock systems

We understand that every application is different. That's why we allow our customers to fully customize their cables and assemblies to meet their unique needs.

Our Cables for the Furniture Industry

At Motion Control Technologies, we manufacture recliner release cables and many other kinds of cables for the furniture industry. We can provide wire rope in diameters ranging from .032 to .25 inches in diameter, and we can use either stainless steel or galvanized steel depending on your preference. Stainless steel stands up to high temperatures and resists corrosion, while galvanized steel has a long life span and cost-effective price point.

In addition to furniture cables, we manufacture custom mechanical cable assemblies and lanyards capable of handling tension loads, compression loads, dynamic loads and static loads. We inspect every product closely before shipping to help prevent breakages and give you confidence in your furniture's safety.

Choose Furniture Cables From Motion Control Technologies

Furniture cables play an essential role in your ability to create cutting-edge pieces in the furniture industry. At Motion Control Technologies, we have more than 30 years of wire and cable industry experience, so you can count on us to deliver high-quality cables and assemblies every time.

We make customer satisfaction our top priority. Whether your project requires a low-volume or high-volume run, we will center our planning, engineering and production processes on your needs and work hard to ensure you receive your furniture cables on time. To learn more about how we can serve the furniture industry, reach out to us online or request a quote from a friendly representative.

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