Pulley Construction Services

Motion Control Technologies specializes in pulley system engineering. We manufacture custom-designed, optimally sized pulleys for every type of application so that you always have the right-sized part to ensure the safety, durability, and peak performance of every project.

Both Pulley Diameter and the Groove are crucial factors in the engineering of mechanical cable assemblies, cable assemblies, cable lanyards, custom cable assemblies, wire rope assemblies, and pulleys.

What Are Pulleys Made From?

Pulleys are most commonly made from aluminum, steel, nylon, and acetal. Some options to consider in the construction of a pulley are sintered bronze bushings, an open or closed ball, or roller bearings. The corrosion resistance and RPMs are also factors in the construction of a pulley system.

Entire mechanical systems can depend on the lasting integrity of the pulley and cable system. Therefore, it is essential to choose top-quality parts made from materials ideally suited to the expected function and environment where they will be used. Using unsuitable materials during manufacture can lead to pulley fatigue, which is dangerous and may damage other parts of a system. Motion Control Technologies engineers and crafts custom-made pulleys that meet all specifications and regulations.

How Are Pulley Systems Made?

Flexible cable constructions are typically used in the engineering of pulley systems. Avoid using pulleys with smaller diameters than required, or the life of the cable will be reduced.

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The Groove can be calculated by adding: 1.5 X Diameter Tolerance (including tolerance of bare cable or coating) plus the Maximum Cable Diameter.

Recommended Pulley Diameter to Cable Diameter ratios are listed below.

Pulley to Cable Ratio:

Results represent Pulley Thread / Root Diameter TO Nominal Bare / Coated Cable Diameter.

3x7 7x7 7x19
Preferred Minimum 50:1 42:1 24:1
Absolute Minimum 40:1 30:1 18:1

For optimal performance, custom-made industrial cables must be paired with ideally sized corresponding pulleys.

What Is Pulley Construction Used For?

Even though most people are not aware of them, we all use multiple pulley systems each day in daily life. Everything from garage doors to timing belts are examples of items that incorporate pulleys. These simple yet invaluable tools have applications in almost every setting, from large-scale industrial projects to specialist manufacturing environments. Our team has the equipment and expertise to engineer and produce custom-made parts for every application, big or small.

Pulleys may appear simple, but when perfectly designed and ideally sized for a specific application, they provide many advantages, including:

  • Providing mechanical advantage by distributing the force needed to lift objects
  • Increasing the speed and distance of objects being moved
  • Facilitating directional change when used in relevant configurations
  • Making heavy work easier
  • Saving time, as they reduce the amount of force required to move and lift objects
  • Offering extraordinary versatility, from everyday household uses to complex industrial jobs

With so many advantages, it makes sense to trust the professional team at Motion Control Technologies to manufacture these vital parts for construction projects. We have provided pulley construction solutions for multiple industries for more than two decades and can design and manufacture any type of pulley you need.

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Common Uses for Pulley Construction

The table below describes some features and uses of common pulleys and bearings:

Plain metallic or Thermoplastic Pulleys Metallic or Plastic Pulleys (Sintered bronze bearings) Open free turning or precision closed (Lubricated ball bearings)
Features Lowest cost, light loads, low RPM Self lubricated bearings, low cost durable, higher load, shock resistance Minimum friction,precise tracking, medium load, high RPM
Common Uses Low frequency drive and lift cable applications Medium RPM, load drive, index, and lift cable systems High speed drive and index cable systems

Get Engineered Pulley Construction Solutions for Every Application

Trust the team at Motion Control Technologies to expertly design and produce custom-made pulleys for your next project. We comply with precise specifications and regulations for each project to deliver parts designed for maximum durability and perfect fit. Call or contact us online to find out more about partnering with us to provide all your mechanical cable solutions.

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