Quality, Testing and Proofloading

All cable assemblies and cable lanyards go through a variety of testing from engineering to completion. When a cable project is in the engineering phase, our engineers ensure that the correct cable is used for form, fit and function. All criteria for the assembly are taken into consideration to ensure that the cable will meet and exceed our customers’ satisfaction.

Our in-house testing equipment can test cable strengths from 1 lb. up to 10,000 lbs load. Our machinery consists of a 1-100 lb. tester, 1-2000 lb. tester and a 10,000 lb. tester.

All crimped ends are pull tested to ensure that they meet the minimal holding that is required for that fitting. The same pull testing for crimped ends is also done during production.

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  1. Length of assemblies are tested using a digital length tester to ensure the correct length, pre, during and post production.
  2. Cables assemblies and cable lanyards can be proofloaded from a minimum lot to 100% quantity of the parts on order.
  3. Typically, cables are proofloaded 60% of their minimum Holding Strength (Fitting Holding Strength must be taken into account). Please see Minimum Fitting Holding Strength.
  4. Our in-house calibration uses up-to-date pins and gage blocks to ensure that all of our measuring equipment are accurate and precise.

Motion Control Technologies is in the process of pursuing ISO 9001: 2015 quality system. All updates for this will be posted on our website.

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