Automotive Mechanical Cable Assemblies

Our automotive mechanical cable assemblies offer superior solutions and alternatives to conventional mechanisms. We give your business custom solutions, providing lightweight, dependable, and affordable options for shift cables, clutch cables, hood releases, and fuel releases. We also construct our assemblies out of different materials, like stainless steel and galvanized steel, to fit your company's specific needs.

At Motion Control Technologies, our automotive mechanical cable solutions include:

  • Automotive mechanical cable lanyards
  • Push-pull technology
  • Automotive wire
  • Custom mechanical brake cables
  • And more

As a leading control cable assembly manufacturer, you can count on high-quality and durable automotive mechanical cable assemblies from us.

What Are Automotive Mechanical Cable Assemblies Used For?

In the automotive industry, safety and longevity are crucial.

That's why we give our clients mechanical cable assemblies that offer flexibility, high strength-to-weight ratio, quiet operations, long life expectancy, minimum maintenance, and affordability.

We care about the quality of our products and how they impact the performance of your company's devices.

Mechanical cable assemblies aide in several critical functions, including:

  • Acceleration
  • Actuation
  • Braking
  • Choking
  • Rotation
  • Regulating
  • Steering

They also assist with the following components:

  • Control cables
  • Fuel door release
  • Trunk release
  • Shift cables
  • HVAC controls
  • Air compressor controls
  • Emergency brake valve sensor cables

With technological advancements in the automotive sector, cable assemblies are needed even more to ensure that operations run smoothly. From essential features to enhanced comfort, safety, and high-tech amenities, automotive wire and cable assemblies support safety, functionality, and durability in automotive vehicles.

Custom Cable Assembly Capabilities

At Motion Control Technologies, we offer quality automotive mechanical cable lanyards, wire rope cable, cable assemblies, and custom gear linkage cable.

We manufacture each of our products to fit the specific needs of your devices.

Our Push-Pull Assemblies activate specific functions and maneuver mechanisms, enabling machines to distribute the transmission of force across a system.

These automotive push-pull cables guarantee the longevity of machinery and the performance of powered functions. We offer both standard and custom push-pull control to give you the ability to operate, position, open, and close components from a remote location. As an added benefit, our automotive mechanical push-pull cables are lightweight, flexible, and economical.

Automotive mechanical cable lanyards and cable assemblies are custom-made to handle different types of loads. We build our custom cable assemblies and lanyards to handle tension loads, compression loads, static loads, and dynamic loads. These devices can handle different forms of tension as they can connect forces over a defined distance.

In addition to handling different loads, our wire rope assemblies provide essential functionality to heavy-duty vehicle exteriors and under-hood applications. We manufacture all our wire rope cables from single wires twisted into many strands. We consider constructional stretch, elastic stretch, and minimum break strength, plus offer different options to fit your specific needs.

Choose MCT For Automotive Cable Assemblies

At Motion Control Technologies, we offer mechanical cable solutions to the automotive industry, providing high-quality automotive wire and cable assemblies that meet your organization's specific needs. When you choose MCT, you receive personal, quick, and professional service to ensure the functionality and quality of your products.

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