Galvanized Steel Cable Lanyards

Our galvanized steel cable lanyards are not your ordinary wire rope lanyards. These lanyards are strong enough and flexible enough to serve a variety of functions for holding or securing items. Since they are galvanized, they offer better corrosion resistance and can reduce friction and cost efficiency. You can use them in environments with a high level of moisture without the risk of rust.

For bulk galvanized steel cable lanyards for your business, turn to Motion Control Technologies. Browse our online store and order the lengths and quantities you need today. Order as many as 100 or as few as 25 for our bulk pricing.

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Bulk Galvanized Steel Cable Lanyard Options and Applications

Our bulk steel cable lanyard options include:

  • Eye/Eye Galvanized Cable Lanyards: These wire rope lanyards feature a zinc-plated steel eye on either end of a 3/64 7×7 Gal. cable, which is coated to 1/16th clear nylon.  The bare steel version would be a 3/64 7×7 Gal. Cable. We are also providing these lanyards with a 1/16 7×7 bare or coated to 3/32 and a 1/8 7×19 bare or coated to 3/16. We offer bulk eye/eye galvanized cable lanyards in lengths ranging from 6’ to 24’. Eye/eye lanyards are great for light-duty applications.
  • Loop/Loop Galvanized Cable Lanyards: These steel cable lanyards use loops at the end to secure them rather than eyes. The 1” loop is made from an aluminum sleeve. Loop/loop lanyards are ideal for light-duty applications, including securing or fastening pins. The loop/ loop lanyard is available in 3 sizes.  A 3/64 7×7 bare or coated to 1/16, a 1/16 7×7 bare or coated to 3/32, and a 1/8 7×19 bare or coated to 3/16.
  • Loop/Eye Galvanized Cable Lanyards: If your applications require both types of securing ends, choose our loop/eye galvanized cable lanyards, with the zinc-plated eye on one end and the 1” aluminum loop on the other. Use loop/eye lanyards for holding or other light-duty tasks. The loop/ loop lanyard is available in 3 sizes.  A 3/64 7×7 bare or coated to 1/16, a 1/16 7×7 bare or coated to 3/32, and a 1/8 7×19 bare or coated to 3/16.
  • Loop/Loop/Tab Galvanized Cable Lanyards: If you need a lanyard with one end suitable for mounting, try our loop/loop/tab galvanized cable lanyards. These have a stainless steel mounting tab attached to the loop at one end of the lanyard. The loop/loop/tab galvanized cable lanyard is available in bulk amounts and lengths ranging from 6’ to 24’. Use the stainless steel mounting tab to easily mount and use your loop/loop/tab steel cable lanyard. The loop/ loop/ tab lanyard is available in 2 sizes.  A 3/64 7×7 bare or coated to 1/16 and a 1/16 7×7 bare or coated to 3/32.

Custom Galvanized Steel Cable Assemblies

We know that different industries have unique mechanical cable assembly requirements. For over 20 years, Motion Control Technologies has met those needs with custom mechanical cable assemblies. We have access to a wide range of fittings and cables, and can easily tailor our products to your specific needs.

Our custom steel cable lanyard process considers the unique factors of your application and environment. We look at whether your cable assembly will be subject to a tension, compression, static or dynamic load. Our team examines the work load, shock load, safety and durability based on the environment. Depending on whether you will use your wire rope lanyards inside or outside, we can adjust the tolerance conditions to tight, normal or relaxed. We can customize your cable lanyards to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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We serve a variety of industries, including medical, electronics, automotive and more. We can produce your custom assemblies quickly and at the highest quality. To find out how we can meet your custom mechanical cable assembly needs, fill out our contact form today.