316 Type SS Lanyards

316 Type SS Lanyards

Stainless steel lanyards are secure connection solutions. Their flexibility and longevity make them useful in a variety of fields. Many industries expose steel lanyards to conditions that actively weaken the braided helix of the cable. As a result, preventing damage is crucial to ensure safety. The best way to maintain cable lanyards’ structural integrity and strength is to use a corrosion-resistant material like 316 type stainless steel.

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What Is 316 Type Stainless Steel?

Type 316 is the second most common kind of austenitic stainless steel, the most popular steel alloy. 316 type has 2% molybdenum for corrosion and acid resistance. Made from corrosion-resistant steel, these lanyards are better suited for industries that are exposed to moisture.

Applications of Corrosion-Resistant Cable Lanyards

The applications for cable lanyards are almost endless. However, specific industries require the extra reinforcement and protection of 316 type stainless steel. Often, cable lanyards are used to tether and connect massive objects — a corroded connection would present a significant safety risk. Whether you need to pull, lift or secure an object, you’ll feel safer using these lanyards because they stay strong and resist corrosion.

Many industries use 316 type stainless steel lanyards, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Aircraft
  • Trucking
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Any industry that operates in aquatic environments

Features of 316 Type Stainless Steel Lanyards

Motion Control Technologies sells corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable lanyards with several connector options. Choose from loop/loop, eye/eye and variations like loop/loop/tab to meet your needs. You can also place your order in limited quantities or in bulk. Decide on a length for your bulk order between 6′ and 24′.

The braided structure of our steel lanyards determines their strength. To form the braided helix structure, we twist bundles of type 316 wire. Each lanyard has a number to identify its strength. The first number tells you how many bundles the cable contains. The second number counts the wires in each bundle. A 3/32 lanyard contains 3 bundles of 32 wires each. Determine the structure you need and order your cables bare or add a nylon coating.

Our Custom Assembly Capabilities

Order custom type 316 stainless steel lanyards to fit your specialized needs. The expert team at Motion Control Technologies will consult with you and discuss the challenges in your specific industry. From there, we can help you choose fittings, materials and other components to make the most effective cable lanyards. Whether you need thicker cables, another way to connect objects or an alternative material like galvanized steel, we can make those adjustments for you.

Order 316 Type SS Lanyards Today

At Motion Control Technologies, we’re committed to manufacturing high-quality products and providing exceptional customer service. Our stock and custom products are made-to-order, and we prioritize your satisfaction. When you order from our family-owned business, we make and ship your items quickly so you can start using safer, stronger cable lanyards as soon as possible.

If you need 316 type stainless steel cable lanyards, Motion Control Technologies has you covered. We also carry marine grade fittings made from the same material. Contact us today for more information about our custom steel cable assemblies.

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