316 Type SS Lanyard

316 Type SS Lanyard


We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new product line to complement our existing line of Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Cable Lanyards. We will be adding an all 316 Type SS Lanyard shortly to our online store.

These lanyards will have all the benefits of our existing lanyard line but with the extra Corrosion Resistance that 316 Grade Stainless Steel offers.

We will carry these lanyards in our Eye/Eye, Eye/Loop, Loop/Loop, Loop/Loop/ Tab and an additional lanyard that will have a Loop/Loop/Key Ring configuration.

As well as the standard configurations, we will also be able to produce custom lengths, custom configurations and different hole sizes that will be available on the new 316 Type SS stamped eye fittings. Our standard ID pin currently is .190, but we will be able to produce hole sizes for a #4 thru 1/4 screw size. Please contact Customer Service to inquire about any additional questions or larger volume quantities.