Markets Served

Cable Lanyard & Assembly Usages

Mechanical Cable Assemblies/Cable Lanyards controls offer light weight, reliable, and cost effective solutions for remote operation of latches, releases, and locking gas springs. These products are being used in an increasing number of market industries.

  • Automotive:
    Shift cables, clutch cables, hood release, fuel door release.
  • Heavy Truck:
    Hood check cables, restraint cables, trailer door cables.
  • Furniture:
    Recliner release, cabinet security cables, gas spring release, remote latch and lock cables.
  • Security Products:
    Bicycle restraint cables, computer security cables.
  • Sporting Goods:
    Bicycle brake and shift cables, fishing equipment.
  • Electronic Products:
    Copier drive cables, ribbon drive cables, push-pull controls.
  • Building Products:
    Bay window support cables, lighting fixture support cables.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment:
    Throttle controls, choke controls.
  • Appliances:
    Push-pull controls, door restraints on dryers and stoves.
  • Boating Products:
    Push-pull throttle controls, lift cables.
  • Medical Products:
    Diagnostics, Surgical Instruments, Medical Device Cables.